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Ordering Wine and Champagne

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Thanks for selecting some of our Fine Wines and Champagne

Marine Villa is licensed for the sale of Alcohol, and Sharon Boyse-Smith,  joint owner of Marine Villa is the licensee, and offers wines that are something special, beyond the offerings from the supermarkets, personally selected by Sharon (and often sampled by Laurence)!

Most of the wines we offer are in magnum size of course  (magnum bottles contain 1500ml, which is twice the size of a normal bottle).

Our fine wines and champagnes are all ready to drink now.

You can order in advance of your stay, in which case make sure you include the date of your arrival on your order.

If you are already at Marine Villa, The Art Deco House and now want to pay for one of the bottles on display, please make sure you pay the exact price as shown on the label

All alcohol sold at Marine Villa, The Art Deco House are sold by Sharanne Limited, a wholly owned company that belongs to Sharon Boyse-Smith

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Magnums of Champagne and Fine Wines

Joint owner, Sharon has for years handled fine wines and is rather an expert on Champagne and is delighted to offer her personally selected (and deliberately limited) selection for you to pre-order to be ready on your arrival. Have a look at this rather special, yet well priced selection

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