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The Art Deco HouseUK, Luxury Holiday Home, Prices

The Art Deco HouseUK : Prices and Booking Enquiries

Our Luxury Holiday Home is available all year round, hope to see you soon! Please book directly with the owners!

From April 12th 2021 a single household can come to The Art Deco HouseUK, so as long as you are one household, you are very welcome and we do have a few dates still available!

From May 17th you can come with another household to The Art Deco HouseUK, any number of people (up to 18 if you have really big households!) or up to 6 people from different households, that would mean a room each if you like!

From June 21st, as long as we have all been good, and followed the rules so far, we all expect it’s PARTY TIME and all legal limits will be lifted, But before you get too excited about coming to The Art Deco HouseUK, we are already fully booked from Wednesday 16th of June to Friday 3rd of September, sorry!

Arrive How Long For? Total Price for whole house
Monday 12th April to Friday 16th FULLY BOOKED
Friday 16th April  to Friday 23rd April Work at home, away from home , Single Household £3,500
Friday 23rd April to Friday 30th April Work at home, away from home , Single Household £3,500
Friday 1st May to Sunday 16th May FULLY BOOKED
Friday 14th May to Friday 21st May Two households, up to 18 people, or multiple households up to 6 people £4,100
Fri 21st May to Friday 28th May FULLY BOOKED
Friday 28th May to Thurs 10th Jun FULLY BOOKED
Friday 11th June to Friday 18th June Two households, up to 18 people, or multiple households up to 6 people  £5,200
Friday 18th June to Sunday 20th June Two households, up to 18 people, or multiple households up to 6 people £2,500
Sunday 20th June (6pm check-in) to Wednesday 23rd June


All restrictions now lifted, but only 6 people before midnight Sunday, so rest come over on the 11pm ferry or go to the pub before arriving! £2,500
Wed 23rd Jun to Fri 3rd  Sept FULLY BOOKED
Friday 3rd Sept to Friday 10th Sept All restrictions lifted £5,400
Friday 10th Sep to Weds 15th Sept All restrictions now lifted £5,400
Thursday 16th Sept to Sun 26th September Isle of Wight Festival Isle of Wight Festival
Monday 27th Sep to Friday 1st October A freedom break work from a luxury home or just take a break £3,500
Friday 1st October to Friday 17th December October Contact us for whole week or weekend prices
Friday 22nd October to Friday 29th October FULLY BOOKED
Friday 29th October to Weds 22nd December  Contact us for whole week, weekend or weekend prices
Christmas 2021 Any dates between Weds 22nd Dec and Weds 29th Dec 2021 £6,200
New Year 2021 Any dates between Thursday 30 Dec 2021 and Tues 4th January 2022 £5,800

The above prices are available for direct bookings only. A £750 security fee is also charged in addition to these prices, but is usually returned within 7 days of your leaving.

We do work with a small number of carefully selected agents and their prices and payment terms may be different to those who book directly with us as they usually provide additional services, but we do suggest you book directly with us, the husband and wife owners, Laurence & Sharon for that really personal touch.

Payment can be made by credit card, paypal or bank transfer. All bookings made 60 days or less before arrival must be paid in full and are non-refundable if cancelled, except REFUND IN FULL IF HM Government deny travel/opening due to COVID19 restrictions

If the dates are more than 90 days in advance, a 25% down payment is required to reserve the dates and the balance 60 days before arrival. The security depost to be paid 30 days before arrival

Remember, we will refund in full if either the person booking, or the Isle of Wight (or the whole lot of us still!) are in lockdown

Full terms and conditions will be sent to you with the quote we will provide.

For your own protection, we recommend you pay the down payment by credit card, but  do not send us your details, you should use the secure link we will provide.

Christmas 2021 and New Year 2021/22 still available ** REFUND IN FULL IF HM Government deny travel/opening **
Just imagine you and your family (14 adults and up to 5 children) all together in The Art Deco HouseUK (Marine Villa) this summer

Think about your 2022 dates right now, we already have more advance bookings for the next year that ever before.

The Art Deco HouseUK: Prices and Booking Enquiries

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