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The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room

When you have a family reunion or simply a large group holiday, you need somewhere special to congregate. Enter the Drawing Room from the warm wood panelled hallway and you are hit at once by the sheer magnitude and splendour of a room where everyone is sure to congregate.   The walnut cocktail cabinet, which,  rumour has it,  came from the Elstree Studios set for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,  the walnut dresser, the German deco radio, the leather sofas, the stunning views to the garden…..

Oh yes, there is a TV if you need it, and a Sonos sound system too (hidden in the Art Deco Radio, hiding with Alexa), but sit around the decadently proportioned Deco coffee table-surely you all need to gather and have a drink together?  And look closer at the half table near to the door to the garden room…..lift the lid, and see how it converts to a card table for a post-supper poker game.    


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