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The Dining Room

Enjoy our beautiful dining room

This room is much as it would have been over 90 years ago: The magnificent table can easily seat 18 people for that special occasion dinner.  The lighting is delightfully atmospheric and glows from the deep red walls.  On one side is an amazing radio found in France, although unfortunately it no longer picks up the sound of the Gatsby that once came from its speakers (but we have hidden a SONOS Play3 speaker inside so you can pretend and play anything you like from it). The 1930’s radio is straddled by glorious deco candle lamps which perfectly illuminate the room in the evening, and tall deco feather spray arrangements, which are derivations of those the present owner designed for her own wedding day.  There is an original clock, gently ticking away on the wall in the corner, just like there would have been, back in the 1930’s.

There is more than enough crockery, cutlery and wine glasses to set the table for a special occasion dinner, and don’t forget you can pre-order magnums of fine wine and champagne directly from the owners, as the table calls out for decadent dining.  

The owners are also delighted to offer dinners from one of the Isle of Wight’s top chefs,  who will come and prepare your own special dinner in the kitchen for you, or drop off pre-prepared dinners for self-heating,  so everyone can simply relax and enjoy the house.  


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