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The Landing & Gallery

The Upstairs Landing

Experience the warm light of late afternoon sun through the stained glass on the landing – it will take your breath away.  Every time you cross the landing you can enjoy some original artwork or reference a craft from the 1930’s.  The cabinet opposite the bathroom is actually a sewing machine!  The beautifully carved cabinet is original to the period too.  Enjoy sitting and gazing at the stained glass in all its truly amazing beauty and detail especially impressive given its age.

And don’t miss the deco lady who proudly illuminates the stairs!

The Upstairs Gallery Room (aka The Cocktail Lounge)

Admire the stupendous views from Culver Cliffs to the North through Sandown, Shanklin and over to Luccombe to the south from the upstairs Gallery Room.  It’s particularly lovely to sit up there either end of the day – and we understand it’s a great spectating spot for the annual Round the Island Race where approx 1700 yachts compete.

The sunrises we experience at the Art Deco HouseUK are truly breathtaking and from the sunroom you get the best open air views.

Personally, we take our breakfast up to the Gallery in the morning, or participate in a few cocktails in the evening. With doors to three of the upstairs bedrooms from the Gallery, it really does seem the centre of upstairs for everyone.


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