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The Morning Room

The Morning Room (Bedroom 7)

The Banker’s Desk, takes pride of place in this room.  But this room is equipped to give parents a break, teenagers a space to game in peace,  and to allow family members to congregate and play board games (stacked in the 1930’s wardrobe cupboard in the corner) or to use your Netflix account or what feels a more dated technology now, the DVD PVR, for on screen entertainment.  Of course you can connect your own gaming equipment too.

The coffee table is something special. It, and an almost identical one in our Drawing Room were made from the original 1930s doors that were installed in the Art Deco, The Midland Hotel, Morecambe Bay. These were recovered when that hotel was being renovated and turned into tables by a local craftsman. Only 50 tables like this exist in the world. There is also a wonderful pen drawing of The Art Deco House UK from UK based artist Eli Ofir

We don’t like calling this a real bedroom, as anyone sleeping here would have to share one of the upstairs bathrooms, but there are two full size single daybeds in the Morning Room, so when these are not being used as sofas, at a real push, you could convert the Morning Rooms into a twin bedroom, and many older children or teenagers might enjoy the independence. The beds are not made up when you arrive, but everything you need is in a plastic box under each of the beds. The Morning Room can be closed off from the Garden Room with the door and full height curtains for privacy.


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