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Emergency Services Discount

Celebrating our heroes

10% discount if you have a Blue Light Card


We are so indebted to our Emergency Services and our Armed Forces. Your hard work and often your bravery keeps us safe.

And we all know the amazing job the NHS have done throughout the COVID19 crisis, supported by Police, Fire Service and Armed Forces. Thank you!

As a small gesture, we will offer a 10% Emergency Services discount for 2021 to anyone that books direct who is a holder of a Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Card

Since the introduction of the Rule of 6 to help stop the spread of Covid19, we have discounted our prices by up to 60% for some dates to make the Art Deco HouseUK attractive for smaller groups and to allow us to continue welcoming guests.

We are sorry we cannot offer any additional discount on these rock-bottom Rule of 6 prices

This offer is only available if you book directly with the owners for 2021 and are a holder of a Blue Light Card or the Defence Discount Service card.

Don’t forget when booking your ferry travel. both Wightlink and Red Funnel  offer Blue Light Discounts too.

Thank you,

you are very welcome at our place!

Emergency Services discount to Blue Light Card holders


Discount to UK Armed Forces

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