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The Gardens

The Beautiful Gardens

The whole garden covers around 3/4 of  an acre and is divided into two parts, backing onto the coastal path with wonderful views out to sea.

The largest part of the garden which is directly behind the house has a spectacular pond that was built in the 1930s some 5 or 6 years after the original house was built. Please be careful of the pond area with small children and never leave them unattended.  There is a dining table for 18 people outside just beyond the patio doors.

The pond does have fish, but they can be a little shy.

Stroll round the garden and go up the steps to the second garden area and the circular pond, and maybe wander round the hidden path to the hidden seating area in the far corner. Perfect to sit down and have a chat away from everyone else.

In 2014 when we bought the house, the gardens had not been touched for many years and so we have worked hard (well  the gardener and his team have worked very hard) clearing literally tons of vegetation rediscovering the garden that was hidden. We hope you enjoy relaxing or playing in the garden. You will also find a large wooden shed area, this has been set up to allow guests who bring their bikes to store them in here, there is room for at least 12 bicycles in this shed. There are concrete stands for a BBQ in the garden

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