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Sea Views from The Art Deco HouseUK (Marine Villa)

It isn’t just the house that is amazing, wait until you see the sea views.

Everyone walking round the house exclaims ‘wow’ when they look at each room, but once you reach the upstairs, then the view is astonishing.

Looking from the upstairs windows you can gaze across Sandown Bay looking towards Culver Down to your left. 

As you look out and see the various ships going past, you may want to know what ships they are, even their speed and bearing?

Its all here Live Ship Movements off the Isle of Wight

There are direct, uninterrupted views out to sea from the Master Bedroom (The Charleston), Family Room and Bedroom 4, with Bedroom Two able to look at the sea through the Sun Room.

But the Sun Room, thats where you should all gather as the light fades and look out to sea. Our camera is on the roof just to the right (from inside) of the Sun Room

Many guests do not even like to close their curtains, as no light pollution comes from the sea, but just wait until you see that sunrise over the sea. yes, thats when you really fall in love, even more with The Art Deco HouseUK

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