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Dining at Art Deco HouseUK

Indulge in our culinary delights

The Art Deco HouseUK is a self catering property, giving you the freedom and the privacy to eat what you like and when you like, but we are also delighted to offer you some alternatives as well.

Magnums of Champagne and Fine Wines

Joint owner, Sharon has for years handled fine wines and is rather an expert on Champagne and is delighted to offer her personally selected (and deliberately limited) selection for you to pre-order to be ready on your arrival. Have a look at this rather special, yet well priced selection, order by email to

Champagne and Wine List

Fine Dining at The Art Deco HouseUK

Instead of going to the restaurant, why not have the restaurant come to you, with one of the Isle of Wight’s top chefs personally attending The Art Deco HouseUK to cook locally sourced ingredients and served by one of their team.

Our Chef team have worked at some of the best restaurants the island has to offer.

The impeccable style and ability to bring together plates of harmonious, charismatic and satisfying cuisine, makes fine dining at Marine Villa a dining experience that you will never forget. 

The menu will be decided after discussing directly with the chef what sort of dinner your prefer, and of course he can cater for specific dietary requirements.

Obviously having the chef and the serving staff dedicated to your own group is not necessarily a cheap option, so budget for around £70 a head when considering this, but then again, this is not just dining out, this is dining in with serious style, for a night you will always remember and so will all your guests! Why not make it a Black Tie Dinner, or a Gatsby evening with Glen Miller playing throughout the house, and add some magnums of champagne and wine too?

(please note, unfortunately we have encountered some external caterers on the Isle of Wight who are not properly insured to work for guests at premises other than their own, or provide services beyond take-away. We reserve the right to decline their entering our business premises and you would remain totally liable for any damage or losses caused by using them)


Example Menus :
(minimum of 10 people, approximately £70 a head including service)

Menu A

Pan fried scallops, prosciutto, butternut squash, garden pea & water cress purée.

Lamb rump, tarragon gnocchi, buttered spinach, red wine reduction

Lemon posset, fennel meringue & Isle of Wight mermaid gin sorbet

Menu B

Pepper crusted Isle of Wight beef carpaccio, wild rocket, aged parmesan, essence of truffle, Isle of Wight rapeseed oil.

Halibut poached in butter, celeriac emulsion, girolle mushroom, caper crumb

Lavender creme brûlée, coco butter biscuit

Menu C

Twice baked goats cheese soufflé, apple & herb salad with toasted walnut

Beef fillet, tempura local oyster mushroom, Isle of Wight blue cheese, port glaze

Salted caramel tart, condensed milk & pecan ice cream

Personally Prepared Meals

Another of our most popular options is to order freshly prepared meals which are delivered to

The Art-Deco HouseUK.

All you do is to follow the simple heating instructions (we have THREE ovens for you to use) and you can have an amazing dinner, without wasting all afternoon preparing it!

Have a look at the sort of menus on offer, and yes, our chef team will be delighted to work with you and make sure you have something special. You have probably never dined quite like this before!


  • Smoked haddock and prawn lasagne
  • Classic fish pie, Thermidore sauce


  • Italian meatballs, Penne pasta , homemade pesto
  • Slow cooked beef ragu, parmesan polenta, rocket salad


  • Aged Parmesan macaroni , roasted squash, vine tomatoes and truffle
  • Mediterranean Vegetable and taleggio bake, Spiced breadcumb

* All served with Isle of Wight Focaccia bread

Afternoon Tea at Marine Villa

(minimum of 10 people, approximately £18 a head)

Includes the following items, all served on antique crockery :

Finger sandwich selection
e.g. smoked salmon & cream cheese, beef & horseradish, cheese & pickle, ham & mustard, cucumber and egg & cress.

Cake selection
Variety of sponge cakes, classic Victoria with fresh fruit and cream topping, chocolate fudge, coffee & walnut, lemon drizzle and decorated cupcakes..

Plain and fruit scones with jam selection, butter and cream.
Savoury scones (cheese, herb) are also available if preferred. 

Tea, coffee, milk, sugar for several cups per person
(from our selection of traditional teas, with  Herbal or fruit teas also available)

Personalised miniature jam jar place names or favours can be decorated to coordinate with your event and contain home made jam with locally grown fruit when available.

We prefer to always use local suppliers that we have evaluated and checked they offer a good service and are not only good value, but are also properly insured to work at our property and have Third Party Liability Insurance. We want to do our best to try to help you have the best day possible.

We do have a policy of using suppliers and contractors located on the Isle of Wight. If you do have preferred suppliers who are not on our list, please let us know, we do not mind, as long as we know in advance and they comply with our safety and insurance pre-requisites. We would need to have their contact details in advance. (several outside caterers in the past have unfortunately taken away more equipment than they came with, so we have to be careful)

If you do use a caterer that we have not reviewed and accepted, you personally remain liable for any risks, damage and losses to you, your guests or to The Art Deco HouseUK and it’s contractors.

All contracts with third party suppliers are always between you and them and while we are able to suggest suppliers we unfortunately cannot take any responsibility for their services.

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