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Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 a wonderful double room with amazing views to sea

Bedroom Two

Bedroom Two is perfect for a couple to relax and stay in the luxurious King Bed. As well as the door to the landing and across the hall to several of the bathrooms, there is also direct access to the upstairs Sunroom and its fresh open air when weather permits, Bedroom 2 is perfectly situated for bagging the prime positions at sunrise or for enjoying a nightcap.

We admit the curtains are second hand, but we did buy them from the Grosvenor Hotel in Mayfair when they were having a refit. Of course we have walnut 1930’s furniture and the all important dressing table. Have a look on top of the wardrobe, that suitcase was inherited by Laurence, one of the owners when his grandfather passed away in 1982 and dates back to the 40s.

An original 1930’s Singer machine completes the décor.

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