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Large Group going to an Isle of Wight wedding?

Pre-wedding Celebrations at The Art Deco HouseUK 

We realise that The Art Deco HouseUK is a very special location for celebrations, but unlike hotels or places dedicated to weddings, it is not so easy for us to be available for such a special event

The reason for this is that all weddings take a lot more than a day, with set up days, take down days, lots of loos being required, possibly a marquee etc and possible damage to the ornamental gardens/lawns that would spoil them for guests in the following weeks.

This actually means, being a whole house let, we could need to charge for up to 2 weeks rental for your special day

And that would mean we would end up more expensive than somewhere like Osbourne House!.

So why not come to The Art Deco HouseUK for the night or more BEFORE the wedding with your close family, and they can return the night of your wedding after the party. So with our 6 bedrooms that you can use from the Thursday or Friday evening before your wedding until the Sunday afternoon or Monday morning following your wedding, including use of the stunning Master/Bridal to be Suite. 

Have a look through this web site for details of all the other rooms

We can offer also for well behaved groups a pre-wedding gathering of friends a few weeks before the big day (but please be aware, July/August/September are always 7 nights bookings only, Friday to Friday).

Close Family Pre-weddiing Dinner

On the night before the wedding we can offer a wonderful close family occasion dinner for up to 18 diners. We would have chefs (and we mean chefs not just ‘caterers’ ) come to The Art Deco HouseUK and provide a wonderful dinner, freshly prepared from local produce and served to you in the stunning dining room. The price depends on the menu selected but is approximately £99 a head plus wine. Imagine, you do not go to the restaurant, the restaurant comes to you!

We can provide a caterer to provide a wonderful dinner for you and your family, before the big day

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