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About the owners

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Welcome to The Art Deco HouseUK, also known as Marine Villa

Sharon and Laurence bought The Art Deco HouseUK in 2014 as their one and only holiday let property, which one day, when they both retire, will become their family home. Sharon is a senior executive for one of the largest global companies in the music industry but also has a wonderful eye for design and colour.  Laurence has spent his career in various business development and technical roles for a major US Corporation in the IT (computer) industry and was also a Chartered Marketer so is always editing this web site, he also is active supporting the Met Police on various matters!

So why did we buy The Art Deco HouseUK?

We bought The Art Deco HouseUK because we love it, we love the architecture and we love the design. Neither of us had previously any background in the hospitality industry, but jumped into this labour of love with both feet! Each year we introduce more and more Art-Deco 1930’s features including more Art-Deco furnishings, art and furniture. Our goal over the next few years is to make The Art Deco HouseUK (also known as MARINE VILLA) one of the leading Art Deco houses in the UK. Uniquely, our business plan is that all income from our holiday letting business is reinvested in the house, upgrading it continually. This is our home, and we are delighted to let you borrow it for your holiday or short break.

What makes The Art Deco HouseUK so special?

The design of the house is so wonderful and so true to the designs of the Art Deco era. It is a house that as you wander around you will say ‘wow!’ as you see the original incredible designs of the windows, the views of the sea, the spacious lounge and the sun room. You will not have stayed anywhere quite like this before. We hope that when you stay with us, you and your family/guests will watch our journey into the incredible designs of the 20’s and 30’s. We continually take the property back to the luxury and wonder of a bygone age, and maybe, in the years to come, come back and see how it has changed.

When can you visit?

The Art Deco HouseUK is available for holiday lets all year round, 365 days a year. As well as being amazing through the summer and autumn months, it is also an extra special location for Christmas and New Year, plus in winter it is truly a stunning place to gather with friends and family for a great weekend, plus bracing walks along the coastal path.

The photograph above is not actually taken at The Art Deco HouseUK, but is from a black tie dinner we attended. What else would owners of a wonderful Art Deco House do for a weekend away….go to an Art Deco Hotel of course!

Thank you so much for considering staying with us

Laurence Smith & Sharon Boyse-Smith


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