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Thank you or using our on-line booking tool, we are looking forward to welcoming you to Marine Villa, The Art Deco House

Can you please complete the guest list and send it to us. You should please provide the names of every guest and also let us know who is under 18. We need this information for both insurance and security reasons.


If you provide the email addresses of your guests they are giving us permission to occasionally email them, we never share any email addresses with any other party. Please DO NOT provide email addresses for anyone under 18 years old.

If your guest list changes, just please drop us an email before you arrive and let us know!

We cant wait until you arrive, but please don’t get to Marine Villa, The Art Deco House before 4pm on your day of arrival. We can never let you in before that time, even if you see TEAM ART DECO HOUSE still working at the house, as there is lots of work in getting Marine Villa ready for you!

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Payment confirmation form